Southwest Airlines

DIA has Plans to Expand
DIA will be adding new gates to all three concourses. It's a $1.5 billion dollar plan that starts next year.
The Best Seats for The Solar Eclipse Out of Denver
Everybody has the date circled. August 21st. It's the day the moon will cover the sun and darken our day for about 3 minutes and spook the livestock. We will be fortunate to be close enough to the moon's path the get most if not all of the eclipse...
Flying Southwest Today? Make Sure You Do This NOW
After hundreds of Southwest Airlines flights have been delayed by technical issues, the company is urging passengers to arrive 2 hours early and print boarding passes before coming to the airport.
Southwest has been using backup systems across the country to check-in passengers without printed or mob…
Southwest Airlines Offering Discount Deals Until February 26th
With the snow flying in the Front Range this weekend, you may want to book that airline ticket to somewhere warm. Phoenix or Los Angeles sound interesting to anyone?
Well Southwest Airlines is offering one way deals from Denver (and other select cities) that could make that spur of the moment travel …