WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk
I (Cain) have never owned a cell phone, so I am good! HA! 

Before its announcement Tuesday, WHO had assured consumers that no adverse health effects had been established.
A team of 31 scientists from 14 countries, including the United States, made the decision after reviewing peer-reviewed studi…
Burglar Leaves Phone Behind
We have heard a lot of stories of dumb criminals being caught because they either left their phone behind or took pictures with it, but this guy decided to take "leave your phone behind" to a new level. The 25 year old man broke into a Maryland home and while he was there he decide…
Stupid Green Pigs
Technology has given us some great stuff. Super fast computers, giant t.v.s, cell phones and of course the touch screen that can go with all of those. Now most of us have cell phones, and most of the new cell phones can download applications...