Oprah Will Not Be Trifled With on Twitter
Maybe you think you can just mess with Oprah on Twitter and get away with it. Maybe you think she's too busy/rich/famous to actually pay attention. Maybe you're wrong, jerk.
Somebody tried to get sassy with Oprah by insulting her appearance on Twitter(on the day before her birthday nonethel…
David Arquette On Oprah Today, Reveals His Past
I am drawn into this story because David Arquette married Courteney Cox, better known as Monica from Friends.  And like many of you, the Friends cast were close personal friends of mine for the run of the show.
Amazing Quotes From Oprah
She's a powerhouse and I've heard a lot of wise things on her show throughout the years...so I looked up some quotes and found a website that has a whole bunch of them compiled.  Here are some of my favorite Oprah quotes.
"Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past ca…

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