U.S. Postal Service Hiring 900+ In Northern Colorado
The United States Postal Service is looking to fill more than 900 jobs along the Front Range.
Open positions include temporary clerks, mail handlers, and carriers, approximately 400 of which are for the holiday season.
An additional 500 positions will be filled indefinitely and could potentially lead …
Chocolate Factory Worker Goes To Extremes To Get Fired
When you hate your job and feel like it's time for a change, usually you'll find another job and (hopefully) quit the other peacefully. Or you can just call in a false bomb threat to your workplace. (Actually, don't do that.)
Kristofer Pregent, 22, was so fed up with his job at the Barry Callebaut ch…
Teacher Late For Work 111 Times In 2 Years Keeps Job
An elementary school teacher in New Brunswick, New Jersey, is allowed to keep his job after being late for work 111 times over a period of 2 years.
Roosevelt Elementary School's attempt to fire Arnold Anderson, a 15-year school veteran, from his $90,000-a-year job was rejected by an arbitrator o…
Michigan Woman Celebrates 52 Years at KFC
KFC employee Marylou Ausborne describes the fast-food chain's founder, Harland Sanders, as "a wonderful man" who "never drank, never smoked" and was "just great."
Ausborne, 80, fondly remembers Sanders, famously known as "The Co…
Need A Job? Maybe Home Depot Can Help
According to 7News, Home Depot will be adding 60,000 seasonal jobs to help them deal with the busy spring season. The company plans to hire seasonal help in just about every market, including ours.