Northern Colorado Woman Wins on Jeopardy
Did you happen to catch Jeopardy last night? If you did, you might have seen a familiar face! A woman from Northern Colorado won it all last night and she will appear on the show again.
The woman is Lynn Klyde-Allaman and she is an associate professor of journalism at UNC...
10 Instances of Alex Trebek Being a Total Jerk
If you don't watch 'Jeopardy!,' then you don't know that Alex Trebek can be a just a *touch* condescending to the contestants. Although to be fair, it's hard not to come across as condescending when you're basically telling people they're wrong over and over again …
Jeopardy Host Suffers Heart Attack
Jeopardy host, Alek Trebek suffered a heart attack Saturday. Luckily, the host seems to be recovering well and in good spirits. He is doing well enough that a Jeopardy rep is confident that Trebek will return in just a few weeks to begin taping the 29th season of the trivia game show.