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Chocolate Factory Worker Goes To Extremes To Get Fired
When you hate your job and feel like it's time for a change, usually you'll find another job and (hopefully) quit the other peacefully. Or you can just call in a false bomb threat to your workplace. (Actually, don't do that.)
Kristofer Pregent, 22, was so fed up with his job at the Barry Callebaut ch…
FRCC Threatened For Third Time In Less Than One Week
Front Range Community College is dealing with its third threat in less than a week - this time, a bomb threat at its Longmont campus, police say.
Longmont police are currently investigating the incident.
FRCC's Larimer campus in Fort Collins was evacuated on Monday after a bomb threat, after whic…
Free Stargazing Event Coming Up This Weekend [Pictures]
Northern Colorado has such amazing sky views. Front Range Community College is doing something really cool and hosting public stargazing this Sunday. With hopes to gaze upon Saturn, the Ring Nebula, the Hercules Cluster and the moon.
One of these events just happened, but another is coming up from 8-…