Foothills Mall

Dick's Sporting Goods to Open at Foothills Mall
The long awaited opening of Dick's Sporting Goods is right around the corner at Foothills Mall in Fort Collins. A little more than a month from now Dick's will be open to customers with a soft opening on July 17th.
The grand opening of Dick's Sporting Goods will happen three days after…
Fort Collins Pizzeria Closes Their Doors
If you are a fan of pizza, let's face it... who isn't, you might be a little sad to hear that a Fort Collins pizzeria has closed their doors for good.
The franchise known as Grimaldi's Coal Brick Oven Pizzeria at the Foothills Mall has closed their doors for business...
Pokemon Go - Millennials Rediscover Northern Colorado
Until this weekend, Northern Colorado millennials really hadn't stepped foot outside their own breakfast burrito-eating, Harry Potter-reading, video game-playing, Kardashian keeping-up-withing, antisocial lives. Then, Pokemon Go began blowing up their Facebook newsfeeds and changing their lives…

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