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Chipotle is the Fast Food Chain Colorado is Most Known For
I feel bad as a proud Colorado native, but I must honestly say that I had no idea that Chipotle was founded in Colorado. They say you learn something new everyday, and along with learning the burrito place is from Colorado, I also learned the fast food joint every state's most known for.
US McDonald’s Map – We Feel Fatter Already! [IMAGE]
I've had an aversion to McDonald's ever since I was in fifth grade. I ate a quarter-pounder for lunch, wend rock-climbing with my boy scout troop, and then threw up all night long. I've broken down and eaten from the popular fast food joint a few times since then, but I still freque…
Who Has the Best Fast Food French Fries? [POLL]
I think all fast food chain restaurants claim to have the best french fries, and I honestly don't think that holds true for any of them. With so many diverse palates, you will never get everyone to agree on the "best." Two big chains, Wendy's and Burger King both must have felt a little be…

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