This Beef At Costco In Timnath Costs HOW Much?
Take a walk down the meat aisle at Costco in Timnath and you'll find some ridiculously overpriced beef.
I love beef, but I don't think I'd ever pay $176.75 for it. Is this a fair price for the beef, or is the price outrageous like I think it is...
The World’s Most Expensive Purse
How much would you pay for a really nice purse? Fifty bucks? A hundred bucks? Maybe three hundred? Well, break out the plastic ladies and gents because this thing will set you back a cool 3.8 million dollars!
World’s Highest Restauraunt
Eating among the clouds while over looking the city sounds pretty amazing right? The only problem is the restaurant is in Dubai. The restaurant is called "Atmosphere", which seems to be a fitting name. Atmosphere is 122 floors atop the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai...