Gallop Poll - Three Colorado Cities in Top 5 for Exercise
Northern Colorado is dominating yet another Gallup pole that reflects a positive and healthy lifestyle.
Gallup and Sharecare Research put together a study to determine which cities engage in exercise more than others. They found that on a national level, more people are breaking a sweat and improving…
Zumba like a Zombie!
Get the chance to experience Zumba dressed as a Zombie and help out children who may be suffering from hunger at the same time!
Misleading Weightloss Before and After Pics
Many of you know that I've become a big fan of working-out ever since I changed my diet, began a regular exercise regimen and lost a ton of weight.  I literally transformed my body, bit by bit, month after month for the past two years.
Habits That Crush Us
One of my favorite websites for positive feelings zenhabits has listed the bad habits we form to deal with stress and boredom and the habits that we should replace them with. They also help with advice on implementing these into your daily life.

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