Best Patios of Fort Collins
It's officially patio season and there are plenty of places around Fort Collins that are great for tipping back brews, taking in city views, and grabbing a bite to eat.
Eat, Drink, And Feed The Poor This Weekend In Loveland
It would be easy to assume that this weekend is going to be lame, because of this huge snow storm we're supposed to get.
Not true, and here are two of many reasons why.
You and I are invited to eat, drink, and mingle for a great cause, at Front Range Rally 2017 in Loveland...
Unconventional Thanksgiving Recipes To Try This Year
Maybe it's your first Thanksgiving alone and you want to try a few new things. Maybe it's your first time hosting the holiday at your place and you want to surprise your guests. Maybe you just want to bring something new to the table-- literally-- at a friend's Thanksgiving bash.
Derek and Beano Celebrate Free Slurpee Day With a Chug Off [VIDEO]
Today is free Slurpee day!!! 7-11 is celebrating their release of a new sugar-free flavor with free 7.11 ounce Slurpees! Beano and I decided to celebrate by getting the new flavor and chugging it as fast as we can. The prize? Well, its the same for the winner and the loser and that is a massive brai…
Dog Opens Can [Video]
Give a dog some food, he eats for a day. Teach a dog to open a can of food, he eats for a life time... or until you have to go to the store to get more for him to open. This dog does just that. He opens his own can of food. Obviously he has to to survive because his owner is too busy filming him to …