Woman Jumps From Car After Seeing WHAT Inside?
Police are investigating a car crash involving a school bus and a "driverless" vehicle that left a 9-year-old boy injured in Syracuse, Indiana.
The boy's mother, 35-year-old Angela Kipp, was backing the car out of her driveway on September 18 when she discovered a spider on her…
Ride Fort Collins Buses Late-Night & Park Overnight For $5
One thing I always hated was figuring out a safe place to park and get home after late night in Old Town Fort Collins. However, a new 'Green & Gold' service offered by Transfort and parking services may save some people a lot of hassle after late nights in Old Town.
Man Steals Bus Carrying Passengers In Keystone
A man in Keystone was arrested by sheriff officials after stealing a bus still filled with passengers then reportedly slid off the road.
Late Thursday evening Joshua Taylor Mock reportedly stole the vehicle filled with passengers then proceeded to drive "erratically" …
Raccoon Causes Team To Miss Out On Tournament
I had to read this story three times just to understand it. What happened was a high school wrestling team was heading to its fourth consecutive regional championship when they stopped and picked up a dead raccoon that was in the middle of the road...