Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Cancels Denver Concert Date, To Play Somewhere Else
Bon Jovi was scheduled to play Denver in March this year, then it was rescheduled to April 14th, and now it's been cancelled. CANCELLED, as in, Bon Jovi is not going to play Denver this Spring and you can get a refund for your tickets. Also, what a bummer that the Patti Fiasco, who was picked t…
Bon Jovi “Because We Can” [Video]
Bon Jovi's latest hit "Because We Can" he says is "asking the question why should I? Because you can". Make a difference basically. This song is from the band's twelfth studio album What About Now.
Jon Bon Jovi is Not Dead
The Internet is running rampant with claims that Jon Bon Jovi is dead. Don't worry, it's just a hoax. Bon Jovi is alive and well in New Jersey.
Bon Jovi himself even posted this picture on Facebook and Twitter with date of December 19th at 6PM  written in it, along with this quote:
"Heaven looks …
Bon Jovi Plays A Charity Concert In Denver
I didn't even know he was coming, great job promoting the event (it was sold out though)? Apparently the show was last night and was benefiting The Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation.
The hottest ticket in town Friday night was to a very special (and sold-out) fundraiser featuring on…