Haunted Colorado Hotel Reopens
Victor, Colorado was a booming town in the 1800s, but has really slowed down since then. It wasn't until recently, when the Black Monarch Hotel re-opened did the tourism pick up again.
Shots Fired At Denver Marijuana Dispensary On Sunday
Shots were fired during a robbery at Rino Dispensary in Denver on Sunday.
According to Denver Police Department, 3 black men entered the store and fired 3 shots. They may have left the scene in a silver Mercedes or Volkswagen.
No one was physically harmed in the shooting...
Black Swan Review
Over the weekend I went and watched Black Swan. The film in which Natalie Portman portrays a ballerina that wants to play the perfect role in Swan Lake. This movie is beautifully done. It takes the grace of the ballet and mixes in paranoia and inner struggles as well as outer.