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First Play on The Point - April 27th-May 1st
Welcome to First Play on The Point! Every weekday at 3 p.m. you're going to hear a brand new song that we haven't played before. We like to throw in a little bit of 'tomorrow's best music' to go along with 'today's best.'
Avril Lavigne Responds Accusations Over 'Hello Kitty' Video
Canadian angst queen Avril Lavigne has been dealing with lots of flack and criticism over her 'Hello Kitty' video. In fact, the hashtag #avrilracist became a thing on Twitter yesterday (April 23), prompting the singer to respond with tweets of her own, addressing the fans that called her v…
Backstreet Boys Are Back, Avril Lavigne Set To Open
Backstreet is BACK!  Here we go BSB fans, the "In A World Like This" tour, has been extended and is set to include Avril Lavigne!
Pop Crush reported on this, with the kickoff date set for Saturday, May 3rd.
You can see the tour dates here...
Avril Lavigne "Let Me Go" featuring Chad Kroeger [Video]
A classy looking Avril Lavigne and clean cut (now husband) Chad Kroeger (of Nickelback) appear together in this one. "Let Me Go" is the song that brought Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne together, it started as a collaboration and resulted in marriage...

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