What Do Free Waffles And Elder Abuse Have In Common?
Free samples are awesome, but they're not something you'd want to get arrested or punched in the face over.
A 78-year-old man shopping at Costco on Sunday morning, annoyed by a greedy whippersnapper taking more than his fair share of free Nutella waffle samples, told the sampler he should r…
Naked Joggers Leave Toddler On Beach For Hours
The parents of a 20-month-old girl left her on a beach for 2 hours on Tuesday while they went jogging with no clothes on, police say.
Cody Bourgeois, 32, and Monique Bourgeois, 35, were arrested and charged with child desertion and obscenity after a man found their daughter alone, thirsty, …
Man Gets Arrested For Mugshot Attire One Year Later
A burglary suspect was arrested this month for what he wore in a 2014 mugshot.
Derek Benson, 30, was caught when the owner of a Coco Libre sweatshirt recognized his attire in the mugshot, which had been stolen from his residence. The victim works for the coconut water company, a police representative…
George Lopez Drunk in Public & Arrested!
George Lopez is a funny, funny guy.  But he may want to re-think this one!
TMZ reported, The actor was arrested for public intoxication after he passed out on the floor of a casino in Canada.  How's that for stand up?!  The comedian had been celebrating in Caesar&CloseCu…
12-Year-Old Arrested By Mistake- Say “What!?”
Man, sometimes it must suck to be a younger brother. Jacob, a 12-year-old boy was sitting alone in the lobby of a police station in Indiana while he was waiting for his family who was upstairs with his brother who had just been arrested when a police officer approached him.

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