Animal Planet

Baby Sloths Get a Bath [VIDEO]
Remember the other day where I said the video was so cute it might cause nausea? Well, here is another one for you. A simple video of baby sloths getting a bath. At first I was like, eh, then one of them made a face or a noise, I am not sure what happened, but before I knew it I was smiling.
Cutest Puppies of the Puppy Bowl
Animal Planet’s annual Puppy Bowl pits adorable pup against adorable pup every Super Bowl Sunday. This year’s contestants are strong as ever and cuter than Tom Brady and Tony Romo combined. You can watch Puppy Bowl VII on Animal Planet, February 6th at 3pm Eastern/2pm Central. We know the cutest dogs are right here in Northern Colorado. Do you have the cutest puppy or dog? You could WIN Free G