Did you know that it's easier to conserve water than you think? Just by switching their showerheads to a more efficient model, Greeley residents saved 2.7 million gallons of water last year.

This year, you can be a part of that great change. At the Greeley Tribune Home and Garden Show on Friday, March 6 through March 8, you can exchange your showerhead and see lower water bills for you and your family.

Here's how, according to a press release:

City of Greeley water customers can exchange their old showerheads for a new high-efficiency model at no cost. Residents must bring a copy of their Greeley Water bill with their water account number. If you manage or own a large multifamily complex or multiple rental units, please call 970-350-9874 to make arrangements for bulk orders.

You can choose a showerhead in either white or chrome, and there are several types available. To learn more about the event, click here.

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