Summer's almost coming to a close and I still have things to accomplish to fully enjoy summer, but I don't have very long to do them at all. I need to adhere to that advice, "Summer time...enjoy every minute of it". I love summer, I love it. I wait all year for summer to begin only to have it go by fast before my eyes. I like fall as well but then again it does mean no more warm weather, only cold weather in the forecast. I feel like this summer I didn't get to accomplish al the activities that I love to do every summer either. I looked at the calendar too and there's very little time left to enjoy all that is awesome about summer. So, I put together my Summer 2015 Bucket List to help me get these organized and knocked out. Let me know in the comments if I missed something and I should add it!

1) Boating-I have yet to go boating this summer. This is the perfect summer activity. There's nothing like being on the water and I miss it so much. I've got to go boating.

2) Red Rocks!-I haven't had a chance to catch a show at Red Rocks this summer and I need to. I love that place and is a Coloradoan staple of the summers here in Colorado.

3) Drive In-I haven't even made it up to see the drive in theatre yet summer! It's going to get so cold too. The nights are perfect right now for the Drive In.

4) Poudre Trail-I love to either walk or bike the Poudre Trail too. It's gorgeous and is a great path to walk dogs, walk with friends, or bike along the path.

5) Tennis-Tennis is the sport that I think about to play outside and summer is perfect to take full advantage of the enjoyment of this sport.

6) Swim-I haven't been able to go swimming this summer either. I spent all summer, all day, every day at the pool, I love the sun and water so much.

7) Hike-I love to go hiking as well. Being up in the mountains and enjoying all the wildlife around and the trees and the sites and not being afraid of slipping of the edge is great.

8) Read a book outside-I took a tip from Opera once and read a book under a tree. No joke, I used to do this in college and found it much more enjoyable than reading inside.