As a Colorado driver, not really a day goes by where I don't throw up my hands (or one digit in particular), shake my head, yell out loud, or have to honk my horn while out on the roads. Running red lights and not knowing how to handle a car in any sort of extreme weather both seem like pretty common occurrences on the roadways around here, in addition to drivers just failing to paying attention at all. And apparently, I'm not the only one who has taken notice to this. QuoteWizard, a Seattle-based online insurance comparison site recently did a study ranking the best and worst driving states in America, and for once, Colorado did not land on the 'best of' list.

QuoteWizard came up with their rankings by measuring the rate of auto wrecks, drunk driving cases, speeding tickets, and traffic citations for drivers in all 50 states. Based on this data, it seems Colorado has some of the worst drivers in the entire nation. Our state's high number of accidents, DUI's, and citations for not wearing seatbelts or using a turn signal are just several of the things that contributed to Colorado coming in at number eight on the list for places with the worst motorists.

Map courtesy of QuoteWizard

Maybe our neighbors in Utah need to brush up on their driving skills, as they are the absolute worst in the country, according to these rankings. Some of the other states that landed in the top ten for bad driving include Nebraska, Virginia, and California (no surprise there), and when it comes to the best, Rhode Islanders can toot their horns for coming in at number one. Click here to view QuoteQizard's complete list of states with the best and worst drivers.