On my way home from work tonight (December 3), I noticed a line up of 5 glowing lights in the sky, traveling in a straight line. The sighting was bizarre: it almost looked like a crane that was lit up, though the lights were clearly far away, deep into the night sky.

I wasn't the only one wondering. A member of the local facebook group "Fort Collins Neighborhood Alerts" posted three photos of the mysterious lights, asking the thousands of members what, exactly, it was.

Answers varied. One person said "monoliths incoming", another said "comets". Overall, it seemed like the comments settled on one simple answer: SpaceX. 

According to Space.org, SpaceX launched 60 new Starlink internet satellites in October of 2020 and is attempting to continue that frequency each month. Forbes confirms this, saying that when the satellites are launched, they appear to be traveling across the night sky in a straight line. This is likely what was seen over Northern Colorado tonight.

According to Forbes, these satellites:

[will] beam high-speed internet to every single location on Earth, from London to Antarctica. People will then pay a fee to access the service, with speeds estimated to be slower than fibre broadband but faster than existing satellite internet services.

The satellites are controversial, but whether you agree with them or not, they're probably what caused you to crane your neck this evening.

Sorry, not aliens. 

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