Steven Page, Sunday night’s headlining act at the Taste Of Fort Collins and former front man of the Barenaked Ladies showed us why he’s a true entertainer last night.

A few songs into his set there was a power issue that shut off everything on the main stage. Some bands might have walked off , some might have made angry rants, but what did Steven Page do?

He played on.

He told his tech to get his acoustic guitar and without even an ounce of hesitation he jumped to the rocks in front of the stage and kept the show going. His band mates joined him with a trumpet, a tambourine, and a hand drum and gave everyone within shouting distance an impromptu acoustic performance until a backup generator was wheeled into place and power was restored.

I have to say that Steven Page earned a lot of respect from me for his willingness and enthusiasm

to keep the crowd entertained any way he could. In fact I think those that gathered up close-enough to hear might have had an even better time that if their hadn't been any hiccups with the power.

Mr. Page, I salute you and your band mates. Thank you for making last night a show to remember.

Yes, a few people sitting far away missed out on part of the show. A few people probably left early because they thought everything was over, but those who stuck it out up front got a once in a lifetime acoustic performance and once the power came back on the band gave a great performance to wrap up this year’s festivities with a nice mix of Steven's solo material and Barenaked Ladies tunes. And to top things off, Steven came out in the grass to meet fans and sign some autographs after the show.

What was your favorite moment of Steven Page's performance?

We’ll have LOTS of photos from this year’s Taste Of Fort Collins soon.

15th Annual Taste of Fort Collins: Saturday, June 11th 8am to 9pm & Sunday, June 12th 11am to 8pm at Civic Center Park, Old Town Fort Collins. More event info here.