You might have heard me talking about this story today during "So...That Happened;" so I just had to share the video that goes along with it!

Basically, it all started when Starbucks worker Melissa misunderstood what kind of straw customer Ruby Chen was asking for.  Melissa then proceeded to lose her freakin' mind.

The video, above, shows Chen looking confused as Melissa yells at her, tells her to leave, accuses her of stealing the straw, threatens to call police and even begins yelling at other people in the store.

Since everyone films everything these days, Melissa's coffee-fueled rage was caught on tape, went viral, and she was promptly fired.  Over. A. STRAW.

Now I never worked in food (or coffee) service, but I did work in retail for three years; and I know how easy it is for little things to become very upsetting, especially when you're not crazy about your job in the first place.  That said, though, no straw is worth being fired over.

In any case...that happened.

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