After the nightmare that happened over Christmas at DIA, the Transportation Security Administration is hoping that they make better plans for the rush of spring break.

Around Christmas, travelers heading out of DIA faced ridiculously long wait times to go through security. Some of them missed their flights that they should have made, and the TSA came under fire.

With spring break upon us, if you are flying, you may want to give yourself a little extra time to make your way from your car to the gate.

According to, waits in line this week were averaging around 20 minutes. Not too bad, all things considered. That wait time probably wouldn't make anyone miss a plane.

Still, TSA wanted to make doubly sure that things went as smoothly as possible in Denver, and in other airports as well. The head of TSA addressed the public from Minnesota, and reaffirmed their commitment to getting people to where they are going on time, as planned.

However, if you are flying, you may want to give yourself a little more time, as an unexpected surge in traffic could set the security screening process behind.


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