If you love sports and gambling, you're about to have fun in Colorado starting May 1.

According to a press release from the Colorado Department of Revenue, Colorado has legalized sports betting across the state and is currently in the process of studying and creating regulations to ensure fair play.

But in the meantime, due to the COVID-19 shutdown of sports, you might have to start betting on a home game of cornhole to start. I did hear this morning that the Rockies should be back playing games in June, which means sports are coming back soon (just not soon enough). Make sure to download the FAN DUEL app so we can stay connected and bet on games together!

In November 2019, Proposition DD was passed with a vote of the people allowing for legalizing sports betting in Colorado, making Colorado one of many states now letting people place bets on sporting events since the Supreme Court ruling struck down a law that banned sports betting in most U.S. states.



Get the full list of rules and watch officials discuss the changes HERE.

Source: Colorado.gov

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