There are lots of items you need to get rid of, but they don't fall into the normal recycling or trash categories. That's why the City of Fort Collins is holding their Buckets, Beds and Shreds event. Get rid of old mattresses, bulky plastic items like chairs and slides and shred boxes of papers this Saturday, October 6th at the Timberline Recycling Center. Some fees apply but this is much simpler then other options.

The Timberline Recycling Center is at 1903 South Timberline Road. Collection hours are from 9am to 3pm, Saturday, October 6th.

Here are the details from the City of Fort Collins website:

Buckets (and other Bulky Rigid Plastics): No additional fees after the $5 entry.
Acceptable Plastic Items Include:
• Milk/beverage crates
• Buckets/containers > 2.5 gallons, labeled #2 HDPE or #5 PP
• Kids’ slides and forts
• Laundry baskets
• Lawn furniture

Do Not Include:
• Plant pots
• Toys with axles, wheels or electronics
• Containers used for storing or previously containing hazardous materials

Beds: $10 per mattress or box spring
Shreds: $5 per bankers box/file box of secure documents to be shredded (max. 35 lbs each)

Sarah Meline
Sarah Meline

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