Summer is less than a month away, and that means people are going to get together to enjoy the weather.

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Quite possibly one of the most popular summertime activities is grilling, which serves as a communal activity for friends and family.

However, there’s plenty of rules and laws surrounding grilling, some of which people may not know. 

For example, you cannot have either charcoal or gas powered grills close to combustible surfaces, like a wooden porch, with the exception of using a small two and a half pound propane tank.

However, a recent development will affect communities in Colorado who want to use gas powered grills, and this rule may change for many people.

Due to Wildfires, Colorado Insurance Companies are Hesitant to Insure Homeowners Associations

Getty Images // Tom Cooper
Getty Images // Tom Cooper

Sure, summer brings out tons of fun activities, it’s also the start of a more unsavory and dangerous time of year; wildfire season.

While loosely defined, wildfire season is typically in the four month period in the middle of the summer. 

Each year, it only gets worse and more destructive.

According to the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention & Control, fire season lasts a full 78 days longer today than it did back in the 1970s. 

Many mountain communities are in the heart of fire country. 

With this being said, according to CBS News Colorado, many insurance companies are pulling support from homeowners associations to lower the costs if damage is caused.

Specifically, they are looking to ban the use of gas powered grills in many mountain communities.

Why Do Insurance Companies Want to Ban Gas Powered Grills in Many Colorado Communities?


It’s simple; insurance companies need to pay out money for about 6,000 grill related fires every year. That equates to $35 million in damage.

As a result, they are looking to pressure homeowners associations into banning the use of gas powered grills on decks and balconies, or really anything on combustible surfaces.

This would in turn make the exception mentioned before completely irrelevant.

Just to note, both charcoal and wood burning grills are already banned from being on these surfaces.

CBS interviewed an attorney named David Firmin, who believes he will need to rewrite rules for 500 to 600 for the 2,500 HOAs he owns. That will all take place in a 6 month period.

He also claims that these rules will likely not extend to just mountain towns. He expects these will find its way to both the Front Range and Western Slope in due time.

What do you think? Do you think this ban will help prevent wildfires, or do you believe it is an unnecessary measure?

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