You make reservations at a nice place for dinner and something comes up and you might not be able to make it to dinner. We've all been there at one point in time.

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Apparently in Aspen there has been so many no shows for reservations at restaurants, some have implemented a cancellation fee of $100 per person. Some places in Aspen are demanding that customers provide credit card information upfront. Not only that, customers have to allow the penalty fee of $100 per person and sign a contract in agreement to the terms.

In an article in the Denver Post, Melissa Rhines who manages Ellina in Aspen said "We've had more no-shows than ever".

Looking at Ellina's menu on their website, it looks very good... However, I couldn't probably afford to eat there. I was always told "If you have to ask what the price of the dish is on the menu, you probably can't afford it". Honestly, the only thing I think I can afford in Aspen is probably a hot dog from the gas station.

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