A few key members of the SNL cast and crew must love “The Californians” because the much-derided sketch was brought back to life for the show’s star-studded 40th anniversary special. For those of us who have always enjoyed this bizarre sketch (and there are about three of us), it’s a welcome return and we will greedily drink up the angry tears of everyone else.

Although a few veterans returned, this sketch was really just an excuse for a series of people you really like to show up and act really silly. The sketch’s usual cast got things started, with the dearly missed trio of Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen breaking out those silly accents and getting involved in all kinds on inane soap opera shenanigans. Soon, the sketch veterans were joined by Bradley Cooper, playing a sexy blonde pool boy, Taylor Swift playing a spaced-out actress and Betty White playing, well, Betty White (and there’s nothing wrong with that). The resulting sketch went on far too long, surely angered most viewers, and left all three fans in stitches.

Even those who hate “The Californians” will appreciate a handful of key moments, most of which will surely be immortalized as GIFs by tomorrow. After all, where else are we going to see Bradley Cooper and Betty White talk about surviving a hot air balloon accident cooked up by Taylor Swift before passionately making out?

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