Millions of people are glues to their TV and computer screens, reports are coming out of Massachusetts that the second suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing has been surrounded.

It is believed this man that is pinned down could be 19-year-old Dzokhar Tsarnaev.

From CNN Breaking News at 6:13PM (MST):

Law enforcement officials: Man believed to be Tsarnaev cornered on boat in back yard.

From The Boston Globe on Twitter at 5:59PM (MST):

BREAKING NEWS: Police are using 'flash bangs' to disorient and distract the suspect. They have seen him sit up.

From WCVB on Twitter at 5:52PM (MST):

#BREAKING: Hearing a series of loud 'pops' at the police scene in #Watertown. Watch live video here:

From The Boston Globe on Twitter at 5:31PM (MST):

A Watertown resident estimated more than 30 gunshots but less than 50 to the west of his home

From NBC Nightly News on Twitter at 5:23PM (MST):

BREAKING: Possible 'body found in a boat' in Watertown, Mass., sources tell @PeteWilliamsNBC. Situation still unfolding.

From CBS NEWS on Twitter at 5:22PM (MST):

JUST IN: Boston mayor tells WBZ a man, believed to be suspect, surrounded by police in a boat sitting in a residential backyard


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