Because being in Old Town's Pour Bros. Community Tavern photo booth with a tatted man in cutoff jean shorts is basically my idea of Heaven. 

If you've ever been to Pour Bros. on  Linden Street in Fort Collins, you've seen the local legend in the flesh; a guy who lives his life just like the coach in one of my favorite movies, Whip It.

'Oh, jean shorts!'

-'Every single day.'


But, Jorts Guy is more than just a pretty beard and set of thighs that we eyeball like a piece of meat behind the bar. As you may know, when I interview bands, we play Spin the Bottle, so this time, I'm doing something a little different that still sticks to the theme of potentially making out. I spent Seven Questions in Heaven with Jorts Guy, in his photo booth, so we can all get to know better the man behind the frayed denim. Check it out:

Good memories.

Shelby Taylor-Thorn/TSM
Shelby Taylor-Thorn/TSM

From Smallpools to The Score, Jorts Guy is the next celeb I can add to my Pour Bros. photo booth list.

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