Selena Gomez accompanied her former Disney pal Demi Lovato on a rehab speaking engagement recently, in a major show of support for Lovato's continued recovery. But that's just how things are between the gorgeous, famous ladies. It's give and take, like sisters.

The news of Sel's good friend actions prompted lots of Selenators and Lovatics to gush about how good of a friend Gomez is for doing something like that.

Well, the singer, actress and former Justin Bieber gal pal showed that she's even more of a BFF than we thought.

Gomez took care to point out that Lovato is a wonderful friend to her when talking about the singer and 'X Factor' judge during a radio interview this weekend.

At the Boston edition of the Jingle Ball on Dec. 14, Gomez spoke about her bond with Lovato, saying, "I think what people forget is that she’s actually been there for me, too. I’ve known her since she was 7. I will always cherish her -- she’s like my sister."

It's total give and take with Sel and Demi! So sweet.

Gomez shared this adorbs snap of her and Lovato all bundled up and makeup-free recently. They look like BFFs, don't they?

But we have to wonder – is Sel's other famous bestie T. Swizzle jealous? Or are they just a big pop star BFF crew? Could be!

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