In March, I realized it was probably time to take down the Christmas wreath that's been hanging on my door since December. It had already been up for too long, and now the snow was officially melting.

However, when I took a peek in the wreath, I noticed something interesting: a bird had started nesting on the bottom of the piece. So, I left it up. A week went by and pretty soon, there they were: little eggs!

Four little bird babies are coming soon to a door near me, but here's the twist...I'm moving.

In a few weeks, my boxes will be packed and I'll be heading to another apartment in Fort Collins...and I'm not quite sure what to do about the little bird's nest on my front door. Pleas to Instgram ensued, and even calls to my property manager, who said if I touch the nest, the mama bird may not be able to find her babies again because of my scent. So, now I ask you: what do I do?

After some research, I found that the bird in question is a house finch. Out There Colorado describes the bird as "small and musical" and honestly, tell me about it, I hear these guys every morning when I wake up.

Bird lovers of Colorado: tell me in the comments, what's the smartest thing to do about my new bird friends?

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