Longmont residents are being warned of city utility billing impersonators asking for them to purchase a prepaid card to pay for utilities, or have your power shut off.

According to the Longmont Fire, Police and OEM Facebook page, people are calling residents posing as the "City of Longmont Utility Billing Department," advising residents to provide card numbers over the phone to buy a prepaid card to pay for utilities with. They say this is a scam, and it hits the area this time every year.

Do not give these individuals any money or personal information. If you have any doubt that you may owe money to a vendor or utility company, Longmont Fire, Police and OEM say to tell them you are going to hang up and contact the vendor yourself.

"This way you can be sure that the person you are contacting actually works for the company and you can make payment arrangements at that time (or learn you are current on your bill)," the Facebook post reads. "This is also true of callers asking for donations for non-profits."

Larimer County has also been hit by a scam recently, where individuals are posing as members of Larimer County Search and Rescue, Inc., and soliciting funds as well as access to non-public facilities. Read more about that scam HERE.

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