You can save so much money by doing the simplest things in your home. Things that you do every day could be costing you a fortune, and it's time to start saving that money. Save it like your making it!

Money Saving it Like You're Making it Damon_Moss ThinkStock
Money Saving it Like You're Making it Damon_Moss ThinkStock


  • Fridge seal: after time it wears and lets cool air escape, causing the appliance to run more often and longer.  This can add up quickly, costing up to thousand(s) a year. Here's a way to check your seal: take a dollar bill and see how easily it glides down the seam when the fridge is closed.
  • Don't fight over the air conditioning setting, set it and forget it and when you get hot, reach for a large bag of long grain rice that you have stored in the freezer for those extra hot nights.
  • Unplug it! You spend as much as 20 percent on appliances that are plugged in all day and not in use... from computers to toasters, coffee pots and more.
  • Leaky toilet? You might not be aware or hear it and it could be draining a gallon a minute that could cost you $800 a month. Test it... pour kool-aid in the tank, do not flush it, if the color of the kool-aid ends up in the bowl, you have a leak.

The little things... it always boils down to the little things, right?! Happy money saving!


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