Back in April, just as baseball season was about to begin, the Denver Post got quite a bit of heat for an article they published titled, "The Ultimate Visitors Guide to Coors Field" — mainly because the photo they used was not actually an image of the Rockies' home stadium in Denver, but rather Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. The Post followed up to its readers, apologizing for their mistake, and included an accurate photo of Coors Field instead.

Fast forward to two months later, with baseball season in full swing, and the Colorado Rockies playing the Phillies on the road at Citizens Bank Park. The Rockies, who've been known for their witty Twitter account, responded to the Post's prior mistake by tweeting out a photo of the Phillies' stadium, with the caption "Good to be back at Coors Field."


They might not have won the game yesterday, but the Colorado Rockies definitely won the internet.

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