Eighteen-month old 'Iron Man' fan Jaxson Denno's world was shattered when, much to his dismay, he discovered that Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., does not wear the Iron Man suit 24/7.

As you'll see above, young Jaxson's mom Heather caught this moment of realization on film shortly after the family made Downey's acquaintance in Massachusetts (he's there shooting his upcoming film 'The Judge').

Thankfully, RDJ did everything in his power (which is a whole lot) to put a smile on the boy's face. "Jaxson was fine as soon as he talked to him," Heather told People. "[He] was so confused because I kept telling him it was Iron Man and he knew it wasn't. Well, not Iron Man in the suit."

"[Robert] was there for 10 minutes just to get a good picture and make Jaxson smile," she told Celebuzz. "And his people kept telling him he had to leave and was late for shooting, so I can’t believe he stayed."

It's okay, kid -- when you're a little older, you'll realize that genius billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark basically is the same person as Robert Downey Jr.

Also? That it would be a disservice to humankind to force him to hide that beautiful face behind a mask all the time.

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