A small island that houses only 100 humans, but many more stray cats has survived the earthquake and tsunami. Tashirojima, is a small island fishing community in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, but it is more known as 'Cat Island'.  Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support group posted an update on their Facebook wall stating, "Just to give everyone an update on Tashirojima, the cat island. The people and cats are safe but short of food, a volunteer looked into transporting food by boat, but there is too much debris in the water. A helicopter is the only way. The army will probably get a helicopter ready soon so we are looking into the possibility of asking them to take cat food too."

The Residents built a shrine to the cats believing that they are lucky charms and bring them good catch.

You can find out how to help by clicking HERE and HERE and by going to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support group's Facebook page.

Here is video of 'Cat Island'. Unfortunately it is in Thai, but you still get the idea of it.