We're back with more real Colorado license plates that got vetoed. This time, Madi (and Mollie) and I pulled out the requests that Coloradans submitted while likely in a Mile High state of mind.

Yeah, Colorado legalized marijuana, in case you spent the last two years living under a rock. Now, we've got a reputation to uphold as a state. I've honestly never touched the stuff, but I've lived here long enough to know that most people here have, which is why I'm not really that surprised these made the list on Government Attic.

Colorado: 'Doobee, or not doobee? That is the question.'

Colorado DMV: 'Not doobie. There is no question. Also it's spelled 'doobie.' Get a job, stoners.' 

The government may have given weed the 'green' light, but the DMV is not havin' it in this special (brownie) edition of Ridiculous Rejected Colorado License Plate Requests.