You could take the easy route this Fourth of July weekend and buy a bag of frozen brick hamburger patties for your big party... or, you could wowza the crowd with these burgers.

Summer Grilling and the Fourth of July aruba200 ThinkStock
Summer Grilling and the Fourth of July aruba200 ThinkStock

Burgers are simpler than they look. Adding a little flair to your burgers is even simpler yet.

Rather than mixing two or three meats altogether, try making a 1/4-inch thick patty with one meat and another with the other. Of course, now we should stuff it, don't you think?

Take your two 1/4 inch patties made from different meats, like ground pork and chuck or sirloin and veal (the latter is a bit expensive so go with what is affordable), or if you like spicy sausage, Italian or chorizo, use that. The only thing your choice of meat will affect is what you choose to stuff this bad boy with.

If you are doing a mix of ground pork and chuck, it might be super delicious to stuff the burger with cheddar cheese and bacon (and go overboard). If you go for the sirloin and veal, despite the cost, you are dealing with a lean meat and a slightly sweet meat. This combo might be scrumptious with a goat cheese and an onion jam.

If you choose to do an Italian or chorizo sausage, then go for a signature "flair" stuffing like peppers and onions with mozzarella paired with the Italian, and green chilies and queso fresco with the chorizo.

Lay your stuffing on one of the patties and top with the other. Be sure to pinch the edges to seal them before throwing them on the grill. Cook for about 4 minutes on each side, more or less depending on how you like your meat cooked.

Happy Fourth of July and enjoy!!!

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