Fans and customers of Rebel Popcorn will be sad to hear that the business will be closing up shop at both Colorado locations by the end of this week. This past Sunday, the gourmet popcorn store posted this heartfelt announcement on their Facebook page:

To our dearest fans,

Today we're announcing plans to close Rebel Popcorn on March 16, 2018. Since 2015, we've been a leader in Northern Colorado’s vibrant craft food scene, bringing over 200 unique flavors to the region. We have had three great years in Fort Collins and have met tons of wonderful gourmet popcorn lovers along the way. During that time, we focused on bringing an amazing variety of delicious popcorn flavors to folks from all over Colorado, throughout the United States, and even as far away as Europe. We’ve enjoyed sharing our passion for gourmet popcorn with countless wonderful customers, all of whom are very special to us. We have also been blessed with fantastic employees, and thank them with all our hearts. Fort Collins and Northern Colorado welcomed us with open arms, and we will never forget the good times we’ve had during this ‘Grand Experiment’ of ours. We hope our faithful super-fans will come see us over the next few days for one more round of popcorn tasting, to say goodbye, and to help us go out with a bang. The Tasting Room will remain open through 6:00 PM on Friday, March 16th to clear out remaining inventory. This will be our fans’ last opportunity to get their Rebel Popcorn fix before it is gone forever.

The Colorado-based company told its customers that they'll be closing both the Lemay Avenue location, as well as the kiosk at Denver International Airport, as they move on to new adventures. We're definitely sad to see them go!

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