Governor Polis gave another press conference today, warning parents against a post-COVID-19-infection disease in children across Colorado.

Polis began his conference talking to reporters about the uncertain nature of COVID-19, most especially how many asymptomatic carriers there can be among Colorado citizens. "There are many Typhoid Marys among us," Polis reminded everyone, noting that staying six feet apart and wearing masks are still the healthiest way to move forward in the coming weeks.

Polis then discussed a post-COVID-19-linked infection developing in children around the nation (up to 20 years of age, most frequently occurring in teenagers), which some experience even if they are asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus. This condition, called multi-system inflammatory syndrome, is seldom fatal, but doctors do worry about long-term heart damage, according to Polis in a press conference.

Luckily, the malady appears to be rare. However, doctors across Colorado are being warned about this infection in order to prepare for an influx of cases.

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