Quirky? Beer lover? Glam queen?  There are so many different types of ladies out there and it can be hard to plan your bride's special night out in a town that seems so down-to-earth.

My sister happens to be more of a mixture between a party animal and a low-key beer lover, so you can imagine my distress when, after being crowned the Maid of Honor, I was tasked with planning the bachelorette party.

(A very old picture of us)

For anyone who's ever seen a romantic comedy, you know that bachelorette parties are supposed to be crazy, fun, and strippers-optional.  However, not everyone wants schlongs in their face and I think my sister is in that camp.  So where in Northern Colorado could I take her?

For those of you out there facing similar dilemmas, I put together a list of places that are unique, fun, and crazy in Northern Colorado-- all key elements of an unforgettable night.

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