If you've been down to Old Town and happen to see a piano just sitting in Old Town Square, Oak St. Plaza, or elsewhere and have the urge to play it...well, go right ahead! As part of the Art in Public Places program, the City of Fort Collins has placed those pianos there hoping you will do just that. And it's working.

I've heard renditions of 'All of My Love' by Zeppelin done with righteous gusto on a random night. Other instrumental tunes have tickled my ears at other times, and it's very cool to hear a talented pianist playing for the joy of playing.

The other day, as I was making my way through downtown, I noticed a woman who wasn't playing the piano, but was painting the piano. As you'll see, most of the Pianos About Town have special murals painted on them, which is part of the appeal. She was kind enough to smile for a few photos, but even kinder to lend her talents to beautifying our area. Check out the pictures of Katherine Warren above.

For more information on Pianos About Town, click here.

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