Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande may have called off their wedding, but that doesn't mean he doesn't still respect his ex.

During a standup set at South Orange Performing Arts Center in New Jersey Monday night (February 25), the Saturday Night Live star stopped his show when a man yelled Mac Miller's name at an extremely inappropriate time.

The comedian was setting up a joke by saying "My friend died in my apartment," and someone in the crowd asked "Mac Miller?" As most people know, the rapper—who also happens to be Grande's ex—died of an accidental overdose in September. His death led to tension in her relationship with Davidson and was a factor in their breakup.

TMZ was able to get their hands on audio from the show, where the 25-year-old immediately stopped his joke to ask security to remove the "f---face" from the auditorium, saying he won't resume his set until the guy's ejected. "I'm not gonna have that s--- at my show," he said.

"Make sure he gets his money back too, because I don't want his money," Davidson instructed when audience members helped point security in the direction of the heckler.

Listen to the full audio clip below.

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