Governor Polis shared the news on his Facebook page today: Denver's first adoptable pit bull will be available this week and her name is Penguin (see her adorable photo below).

This coming weekend, January 9 through the 10, marks the first time pit bulls will be up for adoption in Denver shelters in 30 years. Denver's CBS4 recorded the moment that Penguin met Denver City Councilman Christopher Herndon on Wednesday, December 30, and he said in his Facebook post that she is a "sweet girl".

Polis said in his post, 

It a new day in Denver as Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes can finally come out of the shadows and take their place alongside their families. Abused dogs of all breeds can be dangerous, but a well raised and loved dog is a person’s best friend.

See CBS4's video with Penguin right here:

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