Do you like "The Crown"? Are you interested in your own private Buckingham Palace, right here in Colorado? Then you'll love this.

With its white carpets, white furniture and white walls, this crazy expensive, custom castle in Evergreen has me asking, "What happens to me if I spill red wine in here?"

The castle was designed by Boulder architects and is lovingly referred to as 'Château V', after its owners Randall and Cynthia Veselka (what a coincidence, I call my apartment Chateau S). The home was inspired by the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina (below). We see the resemblance:

According to a Facebook post featuring the home, Pricey Pads (no kidding), this Evergreen home "is the largest residential undertaking in Evergreen, Colorado and if sold it will also be one of the most expensive."

Check out the home for yourself right here, and maybe when you're done you can tell me why anyone would want to live here.

View the full listing right here and let me know in the comments: Would you buy it?

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