The hockey season for the Avalanche kicks off at the end of September... However they are now without a Head Coach as Patrick Roy unexpectedly resigned today.

Minnesota Wild v Colorado Avalanche
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Roy released a statement today to the media stating that he is stepping down as the head coach and VP-Hockey Operations, opening the statement with "For the past three years, I have carried out my duties as Head Coach and Vice President of Hockey Operations for the Colorado Avalanche with energy, passion and determination."

A prelude to as why Roy has resigned was also outlined. Stating that he thought in depth on how to improve the Av's over the off-season and that his positions held at the Avalanche and the organization itself needed to be perfectly aligned with the same vision. Roy added that his position also must be able to have a say in the decisions that impact the team's performance. Roy bluntly says in the statement "These conditions are not currently met."

Roy finished up his statement citing "Today, I am informing you of my decision to leave the Colorado Avalanche organization. Though it saddens me, I have put much thought about this decision in recent weeks and have come to be fully comfortable with it.

I am grateful to the Colorado Avalanche organization, with which I remain in good terms, for letting me lead this great team. I thank all the players I have had the pleasure of coaching and the fans for their unwavering, unconditional support.

I remain forever loyal to the Avalanche with which I played 478 games, coached another 253, and won two Stanley Cups"


Fans and critics alike took to Twitter to give thier thoughts on Roy's exit from the Avs:

What do you think about Roy's decision to part ways with the Colorado Avalanche?