First you say, "I didn't know they lived in Colorado."

Then you say, "I didn't know they were a couple."

Then you say, "They have a business?"

It's wild, but fun.

Celebrities are people, too, right? Even those these two aren't as popular on "the radar" as they once were, it's still good to see them; and to find out they've teamed up (in more ways than one) and that the two actors live here in Colorado.


It's a story of love found later in life as well as taking life by the horns. An older couple gets together, and they turn a pandemic activity into a small business. You'd have to bet that if you told these two, years ago, that they'd be at this today, they'd laugh.



Patrick Duffy played Bobby Ewing on "Dallas" from 1978 to 1991, not counting the 1985-86 season where he had left. The next season, the world was shocked to see the man that had been buried, come out of the shower. It was a dream. It was hard to believe then, and it's still hard to believe.

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You'll also remember him starring with Suzanne Somers on "Step By Step," from 1991 to 1998, as Frank; that was a good show, too. I didn't even mention how he was "The Man From Atlantis," before "Dallas;" another fun show.

Linda Purl, you may remember, played Ashley on "Happy Days" in season 10. Ashley was The Fonz's girlfriend that had a little girl of her own. Then, Purl played Ben Matlock's daughter on "Matlock" for just the first season of that long running show.

Here we are, years later, with Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl now in a relationship. Not only are they a senior couple, they are a couple of senior entrepreneurs. Out There Colorado clued me into how their making dough, sort of.

Apparently, Patrick's family has been handing down this sourdough bread "starter" since 1952, when a neighbor gave it to his mom. Now, Duffy and Purl (who owns a home in Colorado Springs) have started a small business where they sell boxes packed with the [dehydrated] starter, along with other "essential" items for making sourdough bread, such as a rolling pin and an apron. They call the business, "Duffy's Dough."

It gets better. They have a great slogan:

What the World Kneads Now.

The box costs $78. 

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