Fort Collins residents who own fireworks could get into some pretty big trouble this summer.

Both the city and Fort Collins police have a no-tolerance policy for fireworks. This means possession of all devices - from sparklers to rockets - is forbidden.

Officials tell the Coloradoan that the ban is a result of concerns over safety, wildfire potential, and public nuisance. Last year, 54 residents landed in the emergency room with injuries relating to fireworks.

Think you won't get caught? Not so fast.

Police and firefighters are going to patrolling the city for violations all Fourth of July weekend long. If you're caught in possession of fireworks, you could face fines of up to $2,750.

The Coloradoan also notes fireworks are frightening for pets, reminding us to keep our fur babies inside in a quiet, escape-proof area. It's for this reason that pets are also banned from City Park during the Fourth of July fireworks display.

If you'd like to report someone using fireworks, call the police non-emergency number at 970-221-6540; callers will be asked to give as specific a location as possible.

If you absolutely have to set off your fireworks, though, you can find some parts of unincorporated Larimer County that will allow it. Even so, only grounded fireworks like sparklers, smoke bombs, and the like are allowed.

More information about Larimer County's fireworks policy can be found HERE.

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